At Sydney Hoverboard, we take great care in the manufacture of our products so that customers have no cause to complain. If you do have any problems you can resort to the relevant trouble shooting tips given below or get in touch with us via the Contact page on our website.

Incessant vibrating of the hoverboard – Why does it occur and what can be done?

Normally, there should be no vibrating of your hoverboard. The incessant vibrating indicates a couple of things:

  1. Not meeting the minimum weight criteria: The minimum weight of the hoverboard rider has to be around 25 kgs and vibration can occur if weight is lesser.
  2. Disturbance on pressure pads: It is necessary to ensure that your pressure across the hoverboard’s pressure pads is evenly distributed as you ride on it. A little bending at the knees helps in better distribution of pressure. 
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Is my hoverboard being charged correctly?

The hoverboard can be charged through the charging cable available in the packaging. You need to plug one end of the charger in the power socket which causes a tiny green light to appear on the charger. The other end has to be inserted in the hoverboard’s charging port. This induces a tiny red light to appear close to the battery case which is an indication of the hoverboard being charged. Once the charging is complete the red light changes its color to green.  Charging takes about a couple of hours to be completed.

Flashing red lights and constant beeping sounds – What is the reason?

There are two causes leading to the flashing of red lights and constant beeping of your hoverboard:

  1. An unexpected and abrupt dismounting: This means that you either tumbled or jumped off the hoverboard. The hoverboard’s calibration gets affected and this leads to the constant beeping and flashing of red lights. The key to resolving this issue is to reset the hoverboard.
  2. Setting off the speed alarm: Our hoverboards are created with an inbuilt speed alarm which is triggered if the speed of your hoverboard crosses 10kmph. The solution here is to reduce your speed a bit till the beeping sound stops. This indicates that your speed is well within the specified limits.

Still troubled by issues?

If you are still troubled by issues, please do not worry- click on the box to the right to put up a ticket and one of our support staff will come to your assistance asap!