We don’t need to tell you how popular skateboards are. Skateboards are becoming more and more popular among high school, college and university students. The main reasons for this include skateboards proving to be a fun way of personal transportation. Not only are skateboards used for transport, they are also used for enjoying joy rides. That being said, nothing gives you a higher adrenaline rush than getting on a skateboard and zooming past walkers.

Sydney Hoverboards is a reliable seller of all kinds of skateboards. One of our main products is an electric skateboard. Electric skateboards are just as much fun to ride except they are way easier to get used to. Electric skateboards do the acceleration part for you leaving you to concentrate on maneuvering through obstacles. Electric skateboards are also easier to ride because you don’t have to accelerate using your leg – this leaves you concentrate pretty much on one thing, i.e., maintaining your balance. We recommend you get this electric skateboard if you’re well versed with normal skateboards.

Another one of our unique selling propositions is our ability to customize your electric skateboards. When you order a skateboard from our website, we give you the power to choose between designs. There are a few preset designs to choose from. If you’re not happy with the preset designs, also gives you the option to create a custom design in your electric skateboard. We offer this service for a small fee. We can customize your skateboard for almost anything. Hulk? Done. Thor? Done. Batman and Joker? Done & done.

Browse through our catalogue of customizable electric skateboards and order one today! As a valued customer, you also get 24/7 access to our customer support executives.


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