Mini Segways

Mini Segway

Mini segway hoverboards are most suitable for those who want all the functionality of a normal sized segway hoverboard, but are also looking for compact size. In fact, mini segways are so compact they can fit inside your backpack. Mini segway hoverboards weigh only about 12 kg, which makes them some of the most compact personal transportation machines ever.

Mini Segway Hoverboards’ performance definitely exceeded our expectations – we know this because we got out employees to ride around on a mini Segway scooter for about 6 months. The result? Happier employees who swear by our product. You get the drift – we’ve really made sure that the product meets your expectations.

If you’re expecting a fast mini sized hoverboard with a handle at waist length, you’re at the right place. For cheap mini Segway, please browse through our section dedicated exclusively to Segway products, and of course Segway mini.

While most people would prefer a normal sized Segway for their everyday stuff, sometimes storage space becomes a big problem. This is especially true in a big city like Sydney. The solution? Buy one of these mini Segway for sale online, on our own website!

Gift yourself or a loved one a Segway. Browse through our diverse collection of mini Segway now and choose your own mini Segway.

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