Hoverboard Safety Tips For Kids

Hoverboard Safety Tips For Kids

Hoverboards or Segway scooter has been the “buzzword” for quite a while now, and with Christmas just around the corner, it is practical to assume that hoverboards will be a preferred gift choice for most parents. That’s why, we put forth hoverboard safety tips for kids so that they stay safe and enjoy a truly joyful experience this holiday season.     

Here are some safety tips and precautions to avoid accidents.

Especially for kids under the age of 12, pick up a model with maximum speed of 10 mph or less. If your kid is below 8 years, and she or he has mastered self balancing scooter, choose a model with 5 to 6 mph speed range. Tire type – choose tires made of either plastic or rubber – each having its advantages. 

If your kids ride hoverboard or you are planning on gifting them one, make sure that you:

  • Buy a good quality hoverboard from a reputed vendor
  • Ensure that only high quality li-ion batteries are used (All our products use standard Li-Ion batteries. So you don’t have to worry about exploding batteries)
  • Charge it away from combustible devises.
  • Do not let kids ride hoverboard on busy roads
  • Have your kids wear safety gears, put on a skateboard helmet, knee and elbow pads, wrist guards, etc.
  • Ensure that the battery is aptly charged before the next use

Segway PT precautions

When kids ride Segway PT, it is best to:

  • Always wear right fitting helmet
  • Ask your kid to begin with “Turtle’ mode, low-speed mode for starters
  • Instruct kids not to push Segway PT limits, like continue to ride when Stick Shake Warning is shown or by continuing to lean forward when you get a Speed Limiter Alert, or riding on steep slopes and very slippery surfaces. 
  • Accompany kids or teach them how to ride, stop and take turns while they ride for the first time until they get the knack of it. 

The best way to ensure safety is by continuous supervision so that extra risks are not taken at the time of riding

Is Segway safe for kids?

The Segway is engineered as a safe, environmentally-friendly transport, but many people, including both adults and kids ride it for fun. Although, a vast number of parents buy this electronic vehicle as toy for their children, Segway PT is not meant for kids to ride.   

It is clearly instructed in the instruction manual that the weight of the rider should be at least 45.35 kilo grams for all the models of balance boards from Segway. According to average weight chart, kids aging 13 years and above are fit to ride the vehicle. 

And of course, always supervise kids so that they don’t take extra risks while riding and also ensure that they stay away from traffic and slopes. 

Know where to ride without being penalized 

As far as riding a hoverboards is concerned, different states, establishments, cities and localities have different regulations and laws. Find out first if you are allowed to ride this eco-friendly vehicle, before you even buy one.

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