Yes, individuals are not banned for using or owning a hoverboard. The permanent ban was only put on sellers that failed to comply with Government’s safety standards. Sydney Hoverboards fully meet the Safety standards introduced by the Government and therefore are totally safe. 

Sydney Hoverboards have achieved UL2272 certificate which indicates our compliance with Australia Safety standards. As such your safety concerns are well taken care of.

No, on the contrary it is pretty much simple…just the way you ride a bicycle. You will need to spend about an hour understanding the functioning of the hoverboard. Since our hoverboards are self-balancing, you will be able to learn it in less than an hour’s time.

Every individual’s learning curve is different. So, some may learn faster than the others. But generally speaking, it takes about 5 minutes to learn to stand without support on a hoverboard. Most people learn riding within 35 to 45 minutes. First time hoverboards users are requested to start using hoverboard on flat carpet in an empty room with no objects or sharp corners. Later you can try using it on hardwood floors. It won’t take longer than an hour or 2 to learn hoverboard riding.

Sydney hoverboards are rated as IP54, implying they are water resistant. So, it is okay to use it in light water splashes or dust. But you must avoid using it when the weather turns extremely bad and in puddles.

It would roughly take 2 to 3 hours to fully charge the batteries. A single charge last up to 18 to 20 kms, which may depend on individual’s riding style. At no time should the hoverboard be put on charging for more than 3 hours to avoid damage to the batteries.

Yes, kids under 16 should ride hoverboards in presence of an adult. Our hoverboards are self balancing. That’s why we’ve mentioned the minimum weight requirement at 20kgs. We have an entire range of products for kids under 10.

Yes, our hoverboards offer effortless ride even on slopes. Also, Sydney Hoverboards lets you control speed during descent.

While there is no suspension in the hoverboards, the wheels are strong enough to sail you through toughest terrains and bumpy roads of up to 1 inch. Gradually as you master the hoverboard, you’ll use your knees as suspension system. You’ll automatically bend your knees in response to the terrain.

Sydney Hoverboards accept payment through all major debit/credit cards. Also, you can pay in 4 equal installments by choosing after pay option. For this, you may have to undergo identification check.

We offer Free shipping anywhere in Australia. It may take the product 3 to 5 working days to reach your door step.

Sydney Hoverboards come with 1 year warranty for manufacturing defect. If the product is received by you in damaged condition or has manufacturing issues, you can return it to us within 30 days. Kindly check the terms and conditions for detailed information.