5 Proven Hoverboard Maintenance Tips

5 Proven Hoverboard Maintenance Tips

Hoverboards have been voted the best mobility device in 2016 and have been gaining popularity since then. They have remained in news after many prominent personalities were captured on cameras using them and this has increased the common folks’ desire to own one. Now having owned a hoverboard, you should know how to maintain it properly since proper maintenance will ensure longer life, greater performance and lesser chances of accidents and injuries. Below are the five proven maintenance tips for ensuring maximum utility of the hoverboards.

hoverboard mainternance tips

1.Regular cleaning of wheels

The wheels are the most important part of the hoverboard. Needless to say, regular cleaning and maintenance of wheels is important. With each use, dust and debris will get stuck in between the wheels, which should be cleaned properly. Since the wheels are connected to the motor, failing to clean them regularly may result in this debris interfering with the optimal functioning of the motor. A soft brush can be used for cleaning the wheels. You should also have a frequent check on tires, screws and the axle. Often times, regular hoverboard use may result in the loosening of these parts and may likely result in accident if used without fixing these small issues. 

2.  Ensuring battery charge

Make sure that your battery is fully charged before use. Initial charging is equally important. You should also take care to avoid placing these batteries in areas of high temperatures. Avoid overcharging as it may affect the battery life. Also, store your hoverboard in a dry place after use to protect the batteries.

 3. Cleaning the board 

The multilayered fibreboard must be cleaned to maintain the elegant looks of the hoverboard. With every usage dirt gets accumulated on the board. This may clog the hoverboard and can interfere with the functioning of sensor if the sensor remains dirty and clogged for a long time. 

 4. Allow enough cooling time

Just like your smartphones, your hoverboard may also heat up after long periods of use. So it is important that you give ample time for your hoverboard to cool down. This will improve the efficiency and durability of the batteries and sensors. Fortunately, we use only standard Li-ion batteries, so you won’t face this problem with our hoverboard. 

 5. Checking the pedals

Before starting a session, you should check that the pedals are not detached or loose. It will become difficult for you to control your hoverboard if the pedals become loose. 

If you are planning to go for a vacation or you are not going to use the hoverboards for a longer period of time, then it is always better to clean them and choose a dry and cool place to store them which is also dust-free. Moisture can affect the durability of both the battery and the board. 

Exercising a little bit of precaution can give you a safe, enjoyable riding experience for a long time to come. So buy the right one and use it right to enjoy your hoverboard.

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